Timeline video

Take a trip along our interactive timeline so you can trace the history of our illustrious organisation through the centuries. We’re a world leader in postal innovation and helped to shape the modern world - and that’s what our timeline ‘Royal Mail Heritage’ is celebrating.

How do you tell the story of something that's been part of British life since 1500?

We've taken the challenge of telling the five hundred year history of Royal Mail's innovation heritage by creating an experience you can dive right into. Where multiple layers of multimedia multi-sensory storytelling take us from the earliest days of the post right up to the present day. Where stylised animated backgrounds set the scene for each age and evocative sound design brings bygone worlds to life. 

Where the beguiling mix of audio, video, written text and animation build in to an experience just as educational as it is informative. That works perfectly for all types of user - from primary school kids to post graduate academic researchers. All drawn together by a voiceover that explains the nuances of the story and leaves you wanting to find out more.

While along the way the parallax scrolling introduces us seamlessly to everyone from Cardinal Wolsey to Charles I, Rowland Hill, Anthony Trollope, Isambard Kingdom Brunel as well as Tibbs the cat and even the odd postman or two. So you can follow the story wherever it leads next and of course it’s a timeline that’s fully optimized making it  as easy to enjoy on your favourite device as it is to post a letter and like all the greatest stories it even comes with a surprise ending.

Royal Mail Timeline telling an unforgettable story in a unforgettable way. Royalmailheritage.com.