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    2 July 2014
    Biting back against dog attacks: MPs support Royal Mail’s Dog Awareness Week

Dog attacks on MPs will be highlighted in Westminster later today as part of Royal Mail’s Dog Awareness Week.

Royal Mail is publishing the results of a survey of MPs and Assembly Members about their personal experiences of being bitten by a dog.

The survey found that politicians face similar risks of being attacked by a dog to postal workers when out canvassing or delivering leaflets. Just over half of the near-50 respondents revealed they had an incident with a dog.

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    Dog Awareness logo crop
    30 June 2014
    Royal Mail launches annual Dog Awareness Week

Royal Mail has launched its annual Dog Awareness Week, working in partnership with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) with support from a wide range of organisations and animal charities including Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, National Animal Welfare Trust, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the National Dog Wardens Association.

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    image of reports
    20 June 2014
    Direct delivery competition - regulatory submission

The regulatory submission follows Royal Mail’s previous statements on direct delivery competition. These include a detailed response to

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    Fathers Day 220x147
    13 June 2014
    New research shows men are more emotional than women

New research published today from Royal Mail looks set to dispel the myth that men don’t experience the same range of feelings as women.

The company has commissioned a scientific experiment that has found men are more emotional than women.

The study, carried out ahead of Father’s Day (Sunday 15th June), explores the emotional make-up of men. In addition, a survey of 2,000 men was undertaken to examine their attitudes to emotion and whether they say how they really feel.

The Emotional Experiment

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    Royal Mail logo on lorry
    12 June 2014
    Defnyddwyr yn annog brandiau i ddefnyddio post ac e-bost

Mae defnyddwyr yn annog brandiau i ddefnyddio post ac ebost i gyfathrebu â nhw, mae ymchwil newydd yn datgelu,

Cryfder ategol post ac ebost


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    Sustainable Fish 220x147
    5 June 2014
    Royal Mail launches new special stamps to highlight threat to UK fisheries

Sustainable Fish Stamp Issue

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    Investor 10
    21 May 2014
    Consumers urge brands to use mail and email

Consumers are urging brands to use both mail and email to communicate with them, new research reveals,

The complementary strengths of mail and email

Research found that consumers are very clear that mail and email have different qualities which make them suited to different types of communication. Half of people (51 per cent)* surveyed said they prefer companies to use a combination of both mail and email to communicate with them.

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    Dog Awareness logo crop
    13 May 2014
    New legal protections against dog attacks come into force
  • The changes follow an independent report, commissioned by Royal Mail Chairman, Donald Brydon, which recommended closing the loophole in previous legal protection, which did not extend ‘beyond the garden gate’
  • Our postmen and women deliver six days a week to c. 29 million homes and businesses across the UK and the issue of dog attacks is a significant concern.
  • Over 2,400 postmen and women suffered dog attacks between April 2012 and April 2013 - some leading to a permanent disabling injury.
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    Great British Films
    13 May 2014
    Royal Mail celebrates great British Film with new stamp issue

Royal Mail today launches its Great British Film Special Stamp issue to celebrate six key British movies produced since the Second World War. Accompanying the set is a four-stamp Miniature Sheet focusing on the work of the GPO Film Unit, which produced ground-breaking documentaries, animations and information films for the General Post Office in the 1930s and 1940s.
Royal Mail consulted film experts, public polls and the British Film Institute to arrive at key films from the 1940s to the 2000s.

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    6 May 2014
    Home sweet home: parents plan for live-at-home generation

Royal Mail’s inaugural Home Movers Study looks at trends in the home moving market through the experiences of its Redirection customers.

A fifth of parents interviewed wanted a bigger home in the expectation that their children will be living with them into their late 20s, Royal Mail’s inaugural Home Movers Study revealed. It found 21 per cent wanted a larger property to prepare for the live-at-home generation of young adults .(1)


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