Good money. Great training. And a big part to play in Royal Mail’s future.

Here’s where it all comes together.

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Who’ll develop the ever-more advanced technology that helps Royal Mail sort and deliver on average 58 million items six days per week?

Who’ll look after the fleet of vans and trucks that travel hundreds of millions of miles each year, getting them where they need to be? And who’ll bring to life the wide-ranging projects that’ll help us achieve our vision: to be the most successful delivery company? 

Apprentices, that’s who. People just like you.

Those who join us now will start earning, while gaining valuable qualifications.

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Advanced Engineering, Vehicle Technician or Project Management: which is the right path for you?

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Find out about how things have come together for some of our current and former apprentices.

You’ll also play a big part in our success.

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Opportunities are available across the UK - where will you join us?

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What to expect during the recruitment process and how to get your application underway.