Our Heritage

We are proud to provide the Universal Service. We make commerce happen by connecting companies, customers and communities across the UK. In a recent survey, two thirds of UK consumers said they could not imagine life without Royal Mail Group. This is testament to the strength of our brand.

Government has legislated to protect Royal Mail’s heritage. It included an additional safeguard in the Postal Services Act 2011 to ensure that the Queen's head remains on stamps, regardless of who owns the company in the future.

Royal Mail maintains 115,000 distinctive red post boxes across the UK. We made a number of commitments around post boxes in a joint policy statement with English Heritage in 2002. This included repainting post boxes every three years or more often if required.

The policy states: “All Royal Mail letter boxes will be painted in standard red and black livery. No variation is allowed, except in very exceptional circumstances where there are genuine historical reasons, such as the use of green and black livery for some early boxes or Air Force blue for surviving George VI airmail boxes.”

We are committed to doing all we can to preserve the UK’s unique postal heritage. Royal Mail developed the British Postal Museum and Archive (BPMA). an independent charitable trust, for this very reason. Under the Postal Services Act 2011, both Royal Mail and the Post Office are required to report to the Secretary of State and Parliament on their work in regard to the Museum collection and Archive.