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    16 May 2013
    Royal Mail conditionally appoints Registrar and Employee Share Scheme administrator

Royal Mail today announces that it has conditionally appointed Equiniti to act as its registrar and administrator on the establishment of an Employee Share Scheme.

Parliament decided, as part of the 2011 Postal Services Act, that ten per cent of shares in Royal Mail will be set aside for the employees of the company. The Government has made no final decision on the exact shape and terms of the scheme. However Ministers are determined to make sure that the employee share scheme will strengthen employee engagement and their ability to share in the success of the company. 

Equiniti has been selected, following a robust procurement process involving the company and representatives from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Any decisions about the nature and timing of a transaction are a matter for the Government, all options remain open. No final decisions have been made but Government is determined to undertake a sale of shares in Royal Mail this financial year (2013/14). The structure of the Employee Share Scheme will also be decided by the Government. 

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