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The health and safety of our people
is our number one priority.

Working closely with the Communications Workers Union (CWU), we are building a world-class health and safety culture throughout Royal Mail Group. From safety training to occupational health advice, we are seeking to provide our people with the skills and support they need to ensure they are healthy, happy and productive in their jobs.

Reported accidents across the business fell last year, thanks to initiatives across Royal Mail Group and the World Class Mail programme. But safety is not just about reducing the absolute number of accidents.  We have had stark reminders of that as people have tragically lost their lives as part of the work we do. 

Safety remains a priority measure on our corporate scorecard.

  • Techniques for safer working

    One of the pillars of World Class Mail – our programme for continuous improvement –involves using well-established techniques for safe working.

    The programme has improved safety at Croydon mail centre, which has achieved 485 days without a RIDDOR (three-day lost time) incident.

    Staff at the centre filmed colleagues working to identify risks and come up with safety solutions. These included fitting speed limiters to forklift trucks so they cannot go faster than 5mph.

  • Manual handling

    We work closely with the Communication Workers Union (CWU), which has helped to reduce accidents and injuries.

    Trained CWU representatives risk-assess workplaces, vehicles and other operations to ensure they do not pose a danger to postal workers or customers. 

    We recently rolled out a new manual-handling training course across Parcelforce Worldwide, leading to a significant reduction in manual handling injuries at its depots. 

    Royal Mail Group is also focusing on how to reduce injuries caused by slips, trips and falls, and musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Protecting staff on postal routes

    Royal Mail is working closely with the CWU to protect its postmen and women from the everyday threat of dog attacks. During 2010-2011, there were more than 3,500 dog attacks on Royal Mail people.

    These attacks cause great distress and, in too many cases, serious injuries. 

    Our Chairman, Donald Brydon, led the establishment of an independent inquiry into the prevalence of attacks on Royal Mail staff.

    The inquiry, led by former High Court Judge Sir Gordon Langley, recommends that new legislation should be introduced to provide for tougher legal sanctions against owners of dangerous dogs.

    Read our press release from the day of publication of the report.

    View or download  the full report (PDF 120KB)

  • Recognition programme

    As well as training our people in safety, we reward safe working too. Our recognition programme often recognises employees who have made a significant contribution to safety within Royal Mail Group.