Our communities

As the sole provider of the Universal Service in the UK, we have a presence in local communities six days a week. We seek to be an integral, valued and trusted part of every community where we operate.







Our people are the ambassadors of our brand and the living link between individuals, businesses and communities across the UK.

Our community investment programme seeks to build on the economic and social impact our business already has through our core business operations. We do this through:

  • Leveraging our national scale: our Charity of the Year programme focuses our national scale around a single cause chosen by our people.
  • Using our local presence: we seek to leverage our presence within local communities through our Missing People partnership and empower our employees to support the causes that they feel most strongly about through our Community Support and Payroll Giving schemes.
  • Unlocking potential through education: we provide materials to teachers and students through our online magazine, Teacher’s Post , and prepare young people for the world of work through our partnership with the charity Career Ready.

For more information about our community investment programme and initiatives see pages 48-57 in the 2015-16 CR Report.