Our environment

Managing our use of natural resources is a commercial and environmental imperative. We have the largest fleet of road vehicles in the UK and have Royal Mail sites all around the country.







Aside from our people, we spend more on transport, vehicles and utilities than anything else. Increasing our efficiency in these areas can positively impact the environment as well as controlling costs and helping our business performance.

Our environmental strategy focuses on the following four aims:

  • Energy: Reducing our energy use in fleet and property to cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste: Minimising the amount of waste we create and diverting more waste from landfill
  • Water: Reducing our demand for water and the amount of water that is lost or wasted on our premises
  • Customers and Suppliers: Working with our customers and suppliers to address our environmental impacts

Environment management and governance

We have an Environment Governance Board (EGB), which includes senior leaders to oversee the environmental programme. We continue to align our management system with environmental standard ISO 14001. 

We have a target to reduce carbon emissions from our UK businesses by 20 per cent by 2020-21, compared to a 2004-05 baseline.

For more information about our environmental strategy, key initiatives and performance, see pages 58-67 of the 2015-16 CR Report.