Our approach

At Royal Mail, being a responsible business means treating our people well so they are engaged, creating a safe working environment, being efficient and competitive for our customers, protecting the information we transport, supporting our local communities and managing our environmental impacts.








Our CR strategy

Royal Mail’s vision is to be recognised as the best delivery company in the UK and across Europe. We believe that conducting our business in a responsible way has a fundamental role in achieving this vision.

Our CR strategy comprises five priorities, which reflect the areas where acting as a responsible business impacts our ability to deliver our corporate strategy:

  1. Delivering economic and social benefit to the communities we serve
  2. Driving colleague advocacy of the Royal Mail Group and its community role
  3. Managing the environmental impacts of our business operations
  4. Delivering our transformation responsibly
  5. Communicating our management of CR openly and transparently

Our CR Report summarises progress against our CR Strategy on page 9. For more information about our Corporate Strategy, see our Annual Report and Financial Statements available here.

Our approach

Our approach to corporate responsibility (CR) is to engage with our stakeholders. We undertake materiality assessments to learn stakeholders’ views and analyse the issues most important to our business.

We work to deliver a strategy that manages those issues and helps the business achieve its vision. We monitor our efforts to deliver our strategy through a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) outlined on page 19 of the 2015-16 CR Report. We set targets for some areas to drive improvements.

We also have a series of policies that establish requirements for the business, our people and our suppliers. Click here to explore our policies.