Our people

Royal Mail is one of the largest employers in the UK, directly employing around 139,000. One in 175 employed people in the UK work for Royal Mail, and we also support a further 114,100 jobs in the wider UK economy.

Success at Royal Mail depends on our people. They represent the company among communities and with customers, six days a week. We rely on them to fulfil the Universal Service and go the extra mile in delivering a high quality customer service.

Equitable workplace

We believe good employment conditions drive quality. We promote strong labour standards in our industry, and our permanent employees receive salaries above the Living Wage. We conducted a gender pay review across the UK business. Analysing the median hourly rates from April 2015, we are pleased to verify that we have no gender pay gap, with the average male and female salaries being the same to the nearest penny.

Working with our unions

We recognise two unions: the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the Communication Managers Association (CMA)/Unite. Maintaining a productive and co-operative working relationship with our unions is a core part of our strategy. Our Agenda for Growth agreement with the CWU includes legally binding terms covering employee pay, protections and industrial stability as well as a programme to help deliver change. 

Health and safety

We work to manage safety risks and empower people to take ownership of their wellbeing. Road traffic collisions remain the lead cause of the most serious accidents suffered by our employees. In 2015–16, we launched a new Road Safety Taskforce to co-ordinate our efforts to reduce traffic incidents. Animal attacks, specifically dog attacks, are another significant hazard faced by postmen and women on a daily basis. We continue to tackle the issue by raising awareness of the risks that dangerous dogs pose and supporting responsible dog ownership. 

Keeping employees healthy is crucial to our people strategy. Mental health has been a major priority for us in 2015–16. Our programme ‘First Class Mental Health’ aims to remove the stigma and raise awareness of mental health conditions and the support available. 


Royal Mail strives to employ a diverse mix of people that reflects the communities we serve. Women and ethnic minorities are traditionally underrepresented in our industry and we want to change that. Our Diversity Council is responsible for driving improvements and creating a culture of inclusiveness. The Diversity Council has established additional steering groups to support its work on other strands of our diversity strategy including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), and Disability.

For more information on our People Strategy and our main focus areas, see pages 34-47 of the 2015-16 CR Report.