Royal Mail – Fighting the Scourge of Drugs in The Post

Royal Mail understands the tremendous harm that illegal drugs cause in the community.

We work closely on the ground with law enforcement agencies, including the police for domestic mail and with Border Force for international mail. These agencies help us to stop the carriage and delivery of illegal drugs that are ordered on the Dark Web. 

Border Force postal command personnel are stationed at our major international operations and are solely dedicated to preventing the smuggling of illicit drugs through the postal system. There is X-ray screening of suspicious items and sniffer dog deployment. Border Force works closely with other law enforcement agencies to bring to justice smugglers who cause untold misery to many communities in the UK. 

We also encourage our postmen and women to report to their managers any suspicious items which we then promptly refer to the authorities. In the past year, our staff made more than 800 reports to law enforcement agencies around suspected drugs in the post.