Our suppliers

Supplier relationships are an important part of how we do business. Our impacts extend beyond our direct operations to the goods and services we buy.







How our suppliers operate can affect the environment, society and our reputation. Managing our supplier relationships in the right way can manage these risks as well as spread economic opportunities across our communities.

Our approach to responsible procurement 

The aim of our supplier strategy focuses on ensuring that our suppliers maintain high standards of social, ethical and environmental conduct. Our approach is to set expectations for our suppliers, require them to comply with internationally recognised standards, embed expectations and standards in supplier contracts, and communicate about the responsible business practices that we expect. Our Responsible Procurement Code  sets out what we expect from suppliers.

Promoting SMEs in our supply chain 

We support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We try to make contracts as accessible as possible to businesses of all sizes, including breaking up larger contracts to smaller, more specific elements. We measure the number of SMEs winning Royal Mail contracts.

By making contracts accessible to capable suppliers of all sizes, we seek to ensure that value for money is provided and the positive economic impacts of our supply chain are spread as broadly as possible across communities.

See pages 68-74 for more information on our approach to responsible procurement.