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    11 December 2013
    Santa’s mailbag and Royal Mail reveal what kids really want for Christmas
  • Royal Mail today publishes the most authoritative survey identifying the presents children really want for Christmas this year
  • The Top Ten most wanted presents for kids are revealed by the children themselves – in their letters to Santa
  • Royal Mail has helped deliver more than 200,000 letters to Santa this year
  • To find the gifts children really want, we analysed their letters – before sending them on to Santa at the North Pole
  • The top ten most requested toys are :
  1. Lego
  2. One Direction merchandise
  3. Furby
  4. Moshi Monsters
  5. Monster High Dolls
  6. Sofia Talking Doll
  7. Doc McStuffin’s Doctor Bag
  8. Nerf Gun
  9. Xbox One
  10. Peppa Pig
  • Royal Mail has helped with Santa’s mail for more than 50 years. Children send their letters to Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ and Royal Mail forwards the letters to Santa and delivers his replies
  • The closing date to get the letters to Santa in time for Christmas has now passed

Santa’s team of helpers at Royal Mail have carried out the most authoritative survey of children’s wishes for Christmas gifts.

Unlike most toy surveys in the run up to Christmas, the Royal Mail findings come directly from the children themselves.

We have analysed 200,000 letters sent to Santa via Royal Mail this year – to established the most accurate guide to what children REALLY want.

The results show that the most popular toy is also one of the most traditional – Lego, while the newly-released XBox One only makes it into ninth place. The new Playstation 4, meanwhile, is not placed.

The man in charge of Santa’s massive mailbag, Alex McConnell said: “Santa allowed us to take a peek at what children are asking for this year and it seems that children clearly still love making and building things with timeless Lego taking top place as this year’s most wanted Christmas present.”

The top ten list revealed that while more traditional gifts like teddy bears and bikes are still popular, they didn’t make it into the top ten. Dolls remain a firm favourite for girls with Monster High and Sofia Talking Doll coming in at number five and six in the top ten. For boys, Lego and Nerf Guns are amongst the most wanted presents. One Direction are clearly as popular as ever with their DVDs and other band merchandise taking the number two spot on the list.


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