Our socio-economic impact in the UK

Royal Mail seeks to be an integral, valued and trusted part of every community that our service reaches. Our main contribution to communities is our social and economic impact. 

As a major employer and purchaser of goods and services, our economic impact is significant. The Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd (Cebr) carried out a complete economic impact assessment of Royal Mail. Cebr found that in 2016–17, Royal Mail added £10.8 billion to the UK economy, the fifth largest contribution of any UK corporation. One in every 185 jobs in the UK is provided by Royal Mail. Our share of employment is even higher in areas with high unemployment rates. The full study methodology is published here.
As the Universal Service Provider, Royal Mail facilitates e-commerce growth for UK businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. The Universal Service provides depth of coverage, value for money and convenience for businesses wherever they are based in the UK .
We seek to build on the core economic and social contribution of our business operations through strategic community investments. We met our target to raise £2 million for the Stroke Association, including Company matched giving, to fund Life After Stroke Grants for up to 10,000 people. 

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