Quality of service

Royal Mail is the only postal operator in the UK required to publish quarterly Quality of Service reports, against delivery targets set by the government and reviewed by the postal industry regulator Ofcom.

Royal Mail has among the highest service standards in Europe. We have demanding  quality of service standards that we must meet in order to deliver the Universal Service obligation of collecting and delivering mail six days a week at a uniform price across the UK. We are the only postal operator in the UK required to publish our performance against delivery targets every quarter. Our performance is independently measured by two market research agencies - Kantar TNS and Quotas. The measurement methodology employed and the results obtained are verified by auditors appointed by the regulator Ofcom.

Our targets are:

  • First Class mail – a minimum of 93 per cent delivered the next working day
  • Second Class mail – a minimum of 98.5 per cent delivered within three working days.

Meeting service standards

Against a backdrop of the UK’s largest-ever business transformation, Royal Mail has continued to provide a high level of service to its customers.

Parcels businesses

Our parcels businesses, meanwhile, continue to deliver high levels of service which set the standard in their respective markets. Parcelforce Worldwide, just one of our carriers, handles some 96 million parcels a year.  Parcelforce Worldwide has one of the highest quality service records in the express parcels industry.

Customer satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction levels are improving too, but we want them to be better and are taking action to deliver for in a more customer-responsive and proactive way. Customer-focused measures – such as customer service and complaints – form 50 per cent of the corporate scorecard we use to measure our success.

View or download our  Annual Consumer Complaints and compensation Report 2017 (PDF 165KB) -18 (PDF 165KB)