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    11 April 2013
    Articles for the Blind – Working with the RNIB

We work closely with the RNIB, as the UK's charity leading supporting those with sight loss, to ensure that the Articles for the Blind scheme meets the needs of blind and partially sighted postal users.

Royal Mail is very proud to provide the articles for the blind scheme, which cost a total of £6.2 million to provide in 2011/12. Royal Mail is fully committed to delivering this scheme to the highest service specification of any major European country.

The service, which provides free postage for blind or partially sighted people, is protected by law. It is included as a minimum requirement of the Universal Service in Section 31 of the Postal Services Act 2011. A change to the Articles for the Blind scheme could only happen if directed by the Secretary of State and voted for by both Houses of Parliament."


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