Our strategy

We have a clear vision to be recognised as the best delivery company in the UK and across Europe


Our Strategic Priorities

Winning in parcels

We have maintained our pre-eminent position in the UK by successfully pursuing faster-growing parts of the UK parcels market while making it easier for consumers, SMEs and marketplace sellers to use Royal Mail services. GLS is scaling up and growing – either through new services or carefully targeted acquisitions. The returns it generates are typically higher than in our UK business.

Defending letters

Letters are important to our customers. They account for almost 55 per cent of our UK revenue. We work with customers and supply chain partners to add value to mail, promote its effectiveness, and increase its efficiency.

Growing in new areas

We’re making the most of our existing UK assets. We’re increasing our capability through a range of investments. We're doing so through our 'scale up and grow' strategy for GLS. It’s progressing well. We’re also increasing our digital capabilities across the Group, particularly in e-commerce.


Our strategy to achieve this leverages our strengths in the UK and overseas through GLS. We aim to generate sustainable shareholder value and deliver our Universal Service commitment



Enabling our strategic priorities

Strategic focus on cost

Being more efficient and controlling our costs means we’re able to be more competitive. This helps us win and retain business, while continuing to provide the best employment terms and conditions in the industry.

Technology and innovation

We invest in technology to support our strategic priorities to win in parcels, defend letters and grow in new areas. We’re investing in our UK business and GLS to improve our digital capabilities, customer connectivity and scanning. We continue to deploy technology to drive efficiency and increase the pace of change through our operation.

An engaged and motivated workforce

Our employees drive the success of Royal Mail Group. We believe good employment conditions underpin this. Over 98.7 per cent of our employees are permanent. Our postman and woman pay compares very well to the industry. We have a proactive relationship with our unions and a strategic focus on efficiency in our UK operations.