Ofcom's regulatory monitoring

Ofcom’s regulatory framework for postal services includes a detailed and highly prescriptive system for monitoring and assessing Royal Mail’s performance.

Ofcom view this monitoring regime as an essential safeguard to manage the risks associated with the significant removal of price controls and to enable Ofcom to fulfil their statutory duties, ultimately ensuring the delivery of the Universal Postal Service.

Royal Mail is required to provide financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow) for Royal Mail Group and the Reported Business (entity which contains the Universal Postal Service network and all the products provided through or in relation to that network.) Go to our regulatory financial statements section to view these statements.

> Regulatory financial statements

Further detailed regulatory financial information is provided to Ofcom confidentially.

In March 2017 Ofcom published a consultation document where they set out their proposals for changes to the contents, frequency, disclosure, and deadlines of the regulatory financial reporting required from Royal Mail:

>Ofcom - Royal Mail regulatory financial reporting - consultation document (PDF)

Royal Mail provided a response to the consultation in June 2017:

> Ofcom - Royal Mail response to consultation (PDF)

On 18th December 2017 Ofcom published their Statement: Review of regulatory financial reporting for Royal Mail:

> Ofcom - Statement: Review of regulatory financial reporting for Royal Mail