Royal Mail Technology organisation

It is an exciting time to join Royal Mail. We are a leading UK company. With a workforce of around 141,000 and many complex logistical requirements that are necessary to deliver tens of millions of letters every day and a billion parcels a year, Royal Mail Technology has to deliver solutions to an evolving and maturing business. With over 100 projects underway at any one time, there is a huge opportunity to contribute to the business’s desire to transform and grow. Data forms a key part of these opportunities, manifesting itself in both key components of major programmes, as well as strategic data driven projects.

On top of this, during the early 2000s through to 2016 we have undertaken one of the largest IT transformation programmes across the UK and, indeed, in Europe. We called it our ITST programme and we won many awards and mentions for the large scale IT transformation.

We are on a Digital transformation journey to ensure this is felt at the heart of our business and drives our vision of enabling smarter working – from Front Line colleagues through to Head Office. At the same time we strive to deliver innovative products and services through a world class customer experience. 

So if you’re a talented technology professional and want to join a digitally-transformed company with an eye on the future, get in touch with us today.


Technology vision

The purpose of Technology is to support and drive the modernisation of Royal Mail Group so that collectively we can keep the business successful and profitable.

Our role is to keep the business lights working and power Royal Mail without interruption to IT services for employees and our customers. This brings with it certain challenges. It is like having to refurbish and refuel an aircraft whilst it is in mid-air. No easy task, and we interweave our delivery to the business with support from our third party suppliers who operate as our partners and act as one seamless team with us.

On a day-to-day basis, it’s our job to ensure the business functions smoothly. Our organisation is home to a large and complex IT estate and we’re responsible for making sure it’s both fit for purpose and future proof. This remit includes not only the wide range of computer equipment used in offices and mail centres, but also the systems that support our finance and HR teams, the technology installed in our vehicles and the Postal Digital Assistants (PDAs) used by delivery staff.

Technology is at the heart of business transformation and makes use of emerging technologies to deliver business benefits. We operate out of bases in London, Chesterfield and Milton Keynes; working with our colleagues in the business units across the UK, using our expertise to streamline, rationalise and innovate at every step.


Why join us?

Royal Mail Technology is an award winning 500-strong team of IT Professionals who support the business drive to increase and improve all the digital interactions the world has with the Royal Mail Group.

To us 'digital' doesn't just mean mobile and APIs, although clearly they are extremely important, but it's about how we give digital capabilities to people on the Front Line, people in Delivery Offices, depots, hubs, mail centres, workshops and in our Regional Distribution Centres. By understanding the digital events that happen throughout a 24 hour period, we can help our workforce to shape what they have to do in their working day to keep on impressing our customers.

Aligned to one of our business strategies and to drive a greater digital footprint for Royal Mail is the EPS. EPS is the Events Processing System which sits at the heart of our operational system landscape, building an ever increasing data lake around our parcels processes. In the future, everything has the potential to be an event – people coming to work, going home, taking sick leave, and even not coming to work – all valid pieces of data that are vital for a DOM (Delivery Office Manager) so they know how many people they have to execute their workload, meet health and safety laws and of course deliver the outstanding customer service that Royal Mail is known for.

We are looking and thinking about our network and what goes through it in a very different way, not just in terms of whether it is a parcel or a letter, but also the set of events and when they actually happen versus when we expect them to happen.

In lots of ways this is nothing new, but if you think now not of an Internet of Things but an Internet of Events, and then an Internet of Conversations, or an Internet of Stuff going through our Network and combine those ideas, then that Royal Mail Internet of Events becomes extremely powerful. Things that we can do to help people make informed decisions, save money, work out where they need to put resources, work out where they need to go to compete in the market, where they can drive efficiencies in fleet, and many more events, means the possibilities and opportunities for growth are endless.


Real variety, real challenges

There is a huge amount going on, from the cloud-based systems that power our people’s work, through to the Digital Labs and eBusiness platforms that are creating new relationships with our customers. All data driven and delivered with digital events in mind.



The Technology organisation is split into eight teams or towers


Although each has its own specialist focus, you can look forward to working with experts from a whole range of technical and commercial backgrounds:


  • Architects: Enterprise and Solutions
  • Business Analysts and Business Solution Leads
  • Customer Solutions Consultants
  • Data Roles: Analysts, Scientists, Engineers and Consultants
  • IT Security
  • IT Programme and Project Managers
  • Service Delivery: Infrastructure Management, Estate Transformation, Service Introduction, Service Management, Service Change Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Test Managers


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