Letters are very important to us. They account for around 55 per cent of our UK revenue.

Royal Mail Group and its antecedent organisations have introduced many major innovations to letters over the course of its history, such as the Penny Post, airmail, the first postage stamp and the world’s most highly developed postcode system.

The UK letters market is significantly more competitive than people think. E-substitution is a potent form of competition. Letter volumes are in structural decline. Addressed letter volumes per household are around half their peak figure. But the UK letters market continues to have a relatively high number of letters per capita compared to other developed countries.

Collecting and delivering stamped and metered mail is part of our core business. We’re proud to deliver the Universal Service: a one-price-goes-anywhere, six day a week delivery service to over 30 million addresses across the UK. Joint delivery of letters and parcels offers a competitive advantage and is a source of sustainable long-term growth.


Keep Me Posted

Royal Mail is proud to be a founding member of the Keep Me Posted campaign.

Launched in July 2013, Keep Me Posted campaigns to give every consumer the right to choose, without disadvantage, how they receive their bills and statements. To date, the campaign enjoys the support of a coalition of over 130 charities, consumer organisations, trade unions and businesses. 33 service providers including banks, utilities, local authorities and retailers have achieved the Keep Me Posted “Best Practice” Mark of Distinction for their commitment to paper billing.

Keep Me Posted research suggests that over c100 million transactional relationships are now protected as a result of its efforts. The campaign continues to engage with service providers to award Marks of Distinction to those organisations which champion consumer choice and engage with Government and regulators to encourage wider legislative and regulatory reform.