Royal Mail Plc Acquires Canadian Parcel Delivery Company, Dicom Canada

Royal Mail plc (RMG.L) announces that its subsidiary, General Logistics Systems (GLS), has acquired Canadian parcel delivery company, Dicom Canada, (the ‘Acquisition’) from Wind Point Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm.

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Royal Mail Quality of Service 2018/19 Q1

Royal Mail’s Quality of Service report for the first quarter of the financial year 2018-20191 reveals it has exceeded its regulatory Second Class mail target of 98.5 per cent, delivering 98.8 per cent of this mail within three working days.

Royal Mail Launches Shipping Tool to Support Larger Retailers

Royal Mail has launched a new shipping tool and API designed to help larger retailers fulfil complex shipping needs.

Royal Mail marks the bicentenary of The Old Vic with Special Stamps

Royal Mail is to issue a set of eight Special Stamps to mark the bicentenary of The Old Vic, one of the most important venues in the UK’s performing arts history.

Royal Mail response to Ofcom statement 2018

Royal Mail (RMG.L) will appeal Ofcom's decision taken under its Competition Act powers which was announced today.

Royal Mail Trials The UK's First Parcel Postboxes

Royal Mail is trialling the UK’s first ever parcel postboxes in Northampton and Leicester.

Mr and Mrs Write: Over Half of Wedding Guests Crave a Handwritten Invitation

On one of the busiest days of the year for weddings, new research from Royal Mail reveals how important the written word is to the wedding planning process – a tradition which shows no sign of abating in years to come

Royal Mail Delivers Thousands of Exam Results in Scotland

Royal Mail is delivering thousands of exam results on behalf of the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) today (7 August).

USA is UK’s Top Exporting Hotspot

The USA, the largest economy in the world*, is the UK’s top exporting hotspot for business parcels, according to Royal Mail data for the financial year 2017/18.

Royal Mail celebrates 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyage with Special Stamps

Royal Mail is issuing a set of stamps to mark the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook setting sail in one of the greatest voyages of discovery of all time aboard HM Bark Endeavour - with nearly 100 men including astronomers, artists and scientists.

Royal Mail Enhancing Online Shopping Delivery Experience

Royal Mail is now introducing key enhancements to its tracked services.

Reader, I delivered his mail: Brontë sisters inspire nearly 8,000 UK addresses

The subversive Brontë sisters did more than rouse the world with their novels and poems; they inspired thousands of UK addresses.

Wish you were back: picture postcard set for resurgence as voted by Brits

The picture postcard has been a tradition as British as fish and chips ever since Royal Mail gave them their seal of approval in 1894.

Brontë’s Britain

As the bicentenary of Emily Brontë’s birth beckons next week, today Royal Mail unveils a special edition postbox beautifully adorned with quotes from some of her most famous works, including Wuthering Heights and her poetry.

Fear naut, your post will be delivered

Postal deliveries for residents of the beautiful Brownsea Island in Dorset have been completed by boat for over 100 years, and Royal Mail postman Sheridan Bartlett (43) is the latest incumbent in a long line of mail-bearing seafarers to complete the route.

Parcelforce Worldwide launches new dashboard for UK and International parcels

Parcelforce Worldwide has launched a new online dashboard for customers enabling them to track, monitor and report on the progress of UK and International parcels.

Trading update for the three months ended 24 June 2018

Royal Mail plc (RMG.L) today issued a trading update covering the three months ended 24 June 2018.

Royal Mail celebrates the splendour of Hampton Court Palace with Special Stamps

Royal Mail is to celebrate the splendour of Hampton Court Palace with the launch of 10 Special Stamps.

British retailers enjoy entente cordiale as fondness of British brands drives a quarter of French shoppers to buy from UK sites

One in four online shoppers in France have purchased from a UK site in the last three months, according to a study commissioned by Royal Mail ahead of Bastille Day.

Trust and authenticity drive US shoppers to spend $86 (£66) per month on UK sites

The average shopper in America spends $86 (£66) per month shopping on UK websites, according to a study commissioned by Royal Mail.

Delivering with Pride

In celebration of the annual Pride in London Parade this weekend, Royal Mail has unveiled a special edition ‘Rainbow’ postbox on historic Old Compton Street in the heart of the capital.

House Music: Brits turn to Oasis, The Beatles and Adele for house naming inspiration

Music - both classical and modern – is one of Britain’s greatest exports, so it seems fitting that new Royal Mail research reveals that over 21,000 of our addresses are inspired in some way by music; ranging from British composers and artists to famous musical genres.

80% of UK SME retailers expect an increase in sales this summer

Almost eight in ten (77%) UK SME retailers expect to see an increase in sales this summer, according to a new study commissioned by Royal Mail.

Over 2,200 attacks on postal workers in the last year

2,275 dog attacks have taken place on postmen and women across the UK in 2017-18.

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