The holly and the ivy (street): over 50,000  festive addresses across the UK

The holly and the ivy (street): over 50,000 festive addresses across the UK

Key points

  • With the festive season well and truly upon us, research from Royal Mail reveals there are over 50,000 British streets and houses that take their name from all things Christmas.
  • Jolly holly and ivy are the most popular Christmas-related terms to grace the nation’s addresses, with over 7,000 and 9,000 entries a-piece. However, stables, chestnuts and even snowmen are also particularly popular festive muses.
  • East London (or ‘E’) postcode area is officially the UK’s ‘most festive’, with over 1,700 yuletide street and house monikers. This is closely followed by the Tonbridge (TN) and Peterborough (PE) postcode areas.
  • Over 3,000 ‘Ivy Cottage’ addresses pepper the UK, making it the nation’s most common Christmas house name. ‘Chestnut Avenue’ is the most commonplace yuletide related street name.
  • Some of the nation’s most festive (and unusual) address names include ‘Winter Hey Lane’ in Bolton, ‘Reindeer Road’ in Tamworth and ‘Christmas Steps’ in Warminster.

As we make our final Christmas preparations, new research from Royal Mail reveals that over 50,000 addresses across the UK keep the festive feel going all year round.

The Company’s Address Management Unit analysed over 30 million addresses to evaluate the impact that the season of goodwill has had on the naming of our nation’s addresses.  

The subject of many a festive ditty – the humble holly and ivy - are muses for the largest number of Christmas related street and house names (over 16,000 in total). There are over 3,000 ‘Ivy Cottage’ addresses alone across the UK, accounting for 1% of all of our fair isle’s named houses.

However many other yuletide customs - including chestnuts, snowmen and mistletoe – have also inspired many a moniker for a British address, ranging from ‘Mistletoe Lane’ in Shepton Mallet to ‘Chestnut Brae’ in Craigavon.

The most popular Christmassy terms for UK addresses, and our most ‘festive postcodes’ are as follows:


Festive Terms                        **Includes all UK street and house names which use this term

Most Festive Postcodes

Ivy (9,450)

E – East London (1,780)

Holly (7,900)

TN – Tonbridge (1,367)

Chestnut (5,900)

PE – Peterborough (1,237)

Stable (3,999)

IP – Ipswich (1,171)

Star (1,551)

RG – Reading (1,156)

Angel (1,192)

NR – Norwich (1,139)

Advent (800)

BS – Bristol (1,044)

Ice (400)

GU – Guildford (1,019)

Mistletoe (380)

YO – York (1,000)

Jesus (100)

GL – Gloucester (970)                


Neighbouring, chiefly rural, postcode areas Norfolk, Ipswich and Peterborough each constitute a place in the nation’s top ten ‘Festive Hotspots’; with over 1,000 addresses apiece stretching from ‘Carol Close’ in Norwich to ‘Chestnut Crescent’ in Peterborough.

Some of the most festive (and left of field!) monikers for addresses include ‘Christmas Pie Avenue’ in Guildford, ‘Bethlehem Road’ in Llandeilo and ‘Elf Cottage’ in Cornwall.

Steve Rooney, Head of Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit, said: “Street, house and building names chiefly reflect our nation’s heritage and primary interests. The enduring spirit of Christmas clearly extends well past December 25th in the UK, as so many festive terms are clearly resonant in the names of our streets and houses.”




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