Our business and corporate responsibility strategies share the same core goal – to generate sustainable shareholder value. Thus our approach to corporate responsibility is integral to our core strategic objectives. We’re proud to connect companies, customers and communities across the UK through Royal Mail and internationally through GLS.


Our Strategy

Operating in 43 countries, we have a clear vision to be recognised as the best delivery company in the UK and across Europe. Our business model leverages our resources and relationships to deliver high quality, value for money services for our customers. Our UK business is unparalleled in size and scope. GLS provides geographical diversification for our earnings. It’s a growth engine for the Group. Through this combination, we generate cash to invest appropriately in our UK operation and GLS, and pay dividends to our shareholders.

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Engaging our stakeholders

We’re committed to being as open and transparent as possible about our business. The support of external stakeholders is integral to our success and the ongoing sustainability of our business. These stakeholders include customers, local communities, businesses, suppliers, government, charities, the media, associations and NGOs. We communicate proactively with our stakeholders and offer a range of channels for them to engage with us. We also seek their views about our role and responsibilities as a key part of the UK’s economic and social infrastructure. At the same time, we aim to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of our business, as well as our need to change.

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Operating with integrity

Trust is fundamental to our business, to our role as the provider of the Universal Service in the UK, and to our position at the heart of communities. We’re committed to operating with integrity to safeguard our reputation and protect our valued place in society.

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