Corporate Responsibility considerations are a fundamental part of how we do business. We aim to embed these considerations in the way that our people behave, the technology we invest in, and our contracts with our suppliers.

We use a risk management process to identify and address issues that result from our business. Every year, we report our progress under the areas of customer, people, community, suppliers and environment.


Our customers

We deliver high quality, value for money services for both sending and receiving customers. As the UK’s sole designated Universal Service Provider, we’re proud to deliver a ‘one price goes anywhere’ service on a range of letters and parcels to over 30 million addresses across the country, six days a week. Royal Mail Group offers services to suit every customer: consumers, sole traders, SMEs, large businesses and access operators. We’re proud to connect companies, customers and communities across the UK through Royal Mail and overseas through GLS.

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Our people

Our people play an important role in achieving our strategic priorities. We rely on them to deliver high quality customer service, to fulfil the Universal Service, and to represent Royal Mail among our customers and communities. Engaging our people within a fair, rewarding and customer-focused culture is key to our success. We are one of the UK’s largest employers, with one in every 194 jobs in the UK provided by Royal Mail. We directly employ around 141,000 people, with GLS employing around 18,000 people across Europe and in the US.

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Our suppliers

We’re committed to embedding high standards of social, ethical and environmental conduct across our supply chain. Working collaboratively with our suppliers helps to create economic value for our communities and deliver better experiences for our customers. We worked with around 5,000 suppliers in the UK in 2017–18. Our approach to these relationships has a major influence on our contribution to the economy, the satisfaction of our customers, and the reputation of our brand.

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Our communities

Delivering economic and social benefits to the communities in which we operate is one of Royal Mail’s core corporate responsibility objectives. It reflects our role as the sole provider of the Universal Service and our integral place in the digital economy that’s vital to the UK’s economic future. We’ve been fulfilling this role for over 500 years. Our heritage provides a unique opportunity to educate and inspire.

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Our environment

The scale of Royal Mail’s operations means we have a significant environmental impact. Managing this impact is a strategic imperative for our business. By increasing our efficiency and reducing our use of resources, we can help to control our costs and support business performance. At the same time, we are acting to conserve the natural environment in which we operate.

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