The scale of Royal Mail’s operations means we have a significant environmental impact. Managing this impact is a strategic imperative for our business. By increasing our efficiency and reducing our use of resources, we can help to control our costs and support business performance. At the same time, we are acting to conserve the natural environment in which we operate.


Our environment strategy

Environmental considerations are a fundamental part of how Royal Mail does business. We aim to embed these considerations in the way that our people behave, the technology we invest in, and our contracts with our suppliers. We use a risk management process to identify and address environmental issues that result from our business.

This year, we refreshed our environment strategy to help drive continuous improvement in our performance. The five-year strategy focuses on the following key objectives:

  • Embedding internal and external environment standards across our operation, such as our Safety, Health and Environment management system standards for energy, carbon, waste and water management, and ISO14001;
  • Actively anticipating and responding to emerging environmental issues by working closely with relevant stakeholders and implementing effective governance controls;
  • Adopting existing and new technologies that will help us to reduce our emissions and resource use;
  • Building environmental awareness and encouraging behavioural change in our workforce in order to drive performance against our carbon, waste and water targets; and
  • Promoting the benefits of strong environmental management with customers and through our supply chain.

We will monitor our performance against our strategy using three existing targets: reducing our total carbon emissions, reducing our water consumption, and increasing waste diverted from landfill.

Our environment management system for our UK operations is aligned to the ISO14001 model for environmental management. Currently, 14 of our largest Royal Mail sites are individually accredited to ISO14001, as are all Parcelforce Worldwide sites and all GLS sites. In 2017-18, the awarding body for ISO14001 confirmed these to be a representative sample and granted Royal Mail company-wide accreditation.

For more information about our environmental strategy, key initiatives, targets and performance, see pages 72-81 of the 2017-18 Corporate Responsibility Report.

>Royal Mail Group plc - Corporate Responsibility Report 2017-18 (PDF)

Our Environment Policy is reviewed annually.

>Environment Policy 2018 (PDF)