Our customers

We deliver high quality, value for money services for customers sending and receiving items.

As the UK’s sole designated Universal Service Provider, we’re proud to deliver a ‘one price goes anywhere’ service on a range of letters and parcels to over 30 million addresses across the country, six days a week.

Royal Mail Group offers services to suit every customer: consumers, sole traders, SMEs, large businesses and access operators. We’re proud to connect companies, customers and communities across the UK through Royal Mail and internationally through GLS.


We're proud to connect companies, customers and communities across the UK through Royal Mail and internationally through GLS


Our customer strategy

Our customers have a growing variety of choice when it comes to delivery services. We want to be their first choice.

Our strategy for achieving this is focused on four priorities:

  • understanding our customers’ needs
  • being easy to do business with
  • maintaining a high Quality of Service
  • providing value for money to all customers.

We measure our customer service performance in the UK through three equally weighted KPIs on our Corporate Balanced Scorecard (CBS): First Class Retail Quality of Service, business customer satisfaction, and customer complaints. Our managers’ remuneration is linked to our CBS performance.

We publish our full CBS in our Annual Report and Financial Statements. Our 2017-18 Corporate Responsibility Report summarises progress against our customer strategy on pages 30-37.

> Royal Mail Group plc - Corporate Responsibility Report 2017-18 (PDF)


Sustainable products and services

We recognise that businesses and consumers want to improve the environmental performance of their mailings and we aim to provide them with the products and services to do so.

  •  Direct marketing

    We’re committed to helping the mail industry meet the UK Government’s environmental targets for direct marketing. We continue to work with the Direct Marketing Association to make sure we are consistent with PAS 2020, the industry standard for reducing the environmental impact of direct marketing.

    Royal Mail created Sustainable Advertising Mail, and its wholesale equivalent, Responsible Mail, so that our customers can meet their environmental commitments while continuing to market in the way that works for them. Users of these products receive a price incentive and are able to demonstrate their commitment to recycling, sustainability and reducing waste.

    > Sustainable Advertising Mail

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  •  Forest Stewardship Council

    Royal Mail was one of the first postal operators in the world to have its stamps and philatelic products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means they have been made with fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. FSC is a system of forest certification and product labelling that promotes the use of materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources.

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  •  GLS ThinkGreen

    GLS’s ThinkGreen service is a carbon-neutral shipping service offered in Germany. This allows customers to offset the emissions associated with delivery of their parcel through certified reforestation projects in Indonesia and Borneo. In 2017–18, 7.4 million parcels were shipped using this service.


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Fighting the scourge of scam mail

Royal Mail never knowingly delivers scam mail. Scam mail is a scourge and we know the terrible pain and suffering it causes. We do not want to handle it or earn any revenue from it. For that reason, we are working with our employees, industry partners and law enforcement agencies to tackle this issue even more vigorously.

We’re committed to terminating any mailing identified by law enforcement agencies as being used to scam recipients. In 2014, we set up a joint initiative with the National Trading Standards Scams Team (NTSST) introducing a new process for terminating the mailings of companies that send fraudulent mail. In conjunction with the NTSST, we’ve trained thousands of operational delivery staff to identify scam mail and spot potential victims.


We have now stopped around 4m scam mail items from reaching our customers since stepping up our efforts to crack down on the fraudsters in November 2016


In November 2016, we launched an industry-wide Code of Practice in the UK to tackle fraudulent mail at its source, developed by Royal Mail and other postal operators. We are working to engage individual posts across the EU to encourage them to commit to the same Code of Practice

In March 2017, we announced changes to the terms and conditions governing bulk mail contracts. The changes enabled Royal Mail to follow up on solid intelligence by refusing to carry mail that is suspected to be fraudulent.

In April 2017, Royal Mail began proactively contacting households receiving high volumes of scam mail. Under the initiative, Royal Mail blocks and impounds scam mail at its major distribution centres before it reaches the customer’s letterbox. Legitimate business and personal mail continue to be delivered to the customer in the usual way.

With all of this, we need to strike the right balance between protecting our customers’ privacy and identifying suspected scam mail by opening up suspect letters. We can only act on solid intelligence to ensure we act within the confines of the law and within a reasonable and proportionate manner.

We actively encourage our people to report to their line manager any concerns they have about households they suspect are vulnerable to postal scams. 

We aim to raise the profile of the processes we have put in place, both internally through Royal Mail’s own communications channels, and externally through the work we are doing with NTSST and National Scams Awareness week. We provide funding for the national ‘Friends Against Scams’ initiative. More information can be found here. We also fund academic research projects to better understand the issue.

Customers who wish to report a concern about scam mail can write to Freepost Scam Mail, email scam.mail@royalmail.com or call our dedicated messaging service on 03456 113413.

Fighting the scourge of drugs in the post

Royal Mail understands the tremendous harm that illegal drugs cause in the community.

We work closely on the ground with law enforcement agencies, including the police for domestic mail and Border Force for international mail. These agencies help us to stop the carriage and delivery of illegal drugs ordered on the Dark Web.

Border Force postal command personnel are stationed at our major international operations. They’re solely dedicated to preventing the smuggling of illicit drugs through the postal system. Additionally, there is X-ray screening of suspicious items and sniffer dog deployment. Border Force works closely with other law enforcement agencies to bring to justice smugglers who cause untold misery to many communities in the UK.

We also encourage our postmen and women to report to their managers any suspicious items which we then promptly refer to the authorities.