On 15 October 2013 Royal Mail became a quoted company with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange. Its market capitalisation at entry was £3.3billion with more than 99 per cent of its 150,000 UK employees holding shares in the company.

Below is a list of all the documents and announcements regarding the Intention to Float, Share Offer and Stock Market listing.

Documents and announcements
15 October 2013 Stock Market listing
10 October 2013  Pricing Statement (PDF 994KB)
10 October 2013  Announcement of Offer Price (PDF 92KB)
27 September 2013  Royal Mail plc Prospectus 2013 (PDF 2.65MB)
27 September 2013  Royal Mail plc Summary Prospectus 2013 (PDF 708KB)
27 September 2013  Royal Mail Share Offer - Expected Price Range and Offer Launch (PDF 103KB)
12 September 2013  Announcement of Intention to Float (PDF 133KB)