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    18 July 2018
    Parcelforce Worldwide launches new dashboard for UK and International parcels
  • Parcelforce Worldwide launches innovative tracking, monitoring and reporting dashboard enabling customers to monitor the progress of their deliveries
  • The dashboard is an on-demand tool which provides a clear and regularly updated single view of customers’ UK and international parcels
  • The dashboard enables customers to track the status of one or multiple parcels from dispatch to final  delivery 

Parcelforce Worldwide has launched a new online dashboard for customers enabling them to track, monitor and report on the progress of UK and International parcels. The innovative dashboard presents a clear and regularly updated single view of the status of a customers’ UK and International parcels. 

Compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops, the dashboard enables users to track the status of one or multiple parcels from dispatch through to final delivery. The dashboard also provides the ability to create ‘watch lists’ enabling customers to see up-to-date information regarding their deliveries. It shows which items have been delivered and which items are in transit, helping businesses to identify and monitor priority customers where extra focus might be required. 

When more detail is required, the dashboard provides a comprehensive search option with a range of useful filters including: shipping date, customer reference, postcode and consignment number. Users can also extract data to input into other systems for further analysis. 

A spokesperson from Parcelforce Worldwide, said:“Our new customerdashboard is a fantastic and innovative new tool, giving our customers greater control by providing them with accurate and timely tracking information. It’s another great example of our customer-centric digital functionality – giving our customers even more visibility of their deliveries to provide higher levels of customer service.” 


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