Our approach

Our vision is to be recognised as the best delivery company in the UK and across Europe. In an increasingly challenging and competitive marketplace, we have continued to put the principles of corporate responsibility at the centre of our business strategy. We believe that this holds the key to delivering sustainable value for our shareholders, now and in the future.










Our CR strategy

Our corporate responsibility (CR) strategy and business strategy share the same ultimate goal: to generate sustainable shareholder value. Our CR strategy is an integral part of our business model and realising our strategic priorities. 

Our CR strategy comprises six priorities:
  • Delivering economic and social benefit to the communities we serve;
  • Driving colleague advocacy of the Royal Mail Group and its community role;
  • Managing the environmental impacts of our business operations;
  • Delivering our transformation responsibly;
  • Operating with integrity; and
  • Communicating our management of CR openly and transparently.
Our  CR Report (PDF 4.85MB) summarises progress against our CR strategy in 2017-18 on pages 10-11. For more information about our corporate strategy, see pages 16-17 in our Annual Report and Financial Statements available here.


Determining materiality 

Royal Mail is a stakeholder focused business. As provider of the Universal Service, we have the ability to deliver to over 30 million addresses, six days a week. We are part of the UK’s social fabric. 

Our different stakeholder groups provide important feedback on our approach to CR. Every two years, we talk to around 50 stakeholders from groups representing customers, consumers, employees, our unions, shareholders, suppliers and environmental representatives. We undertake interviews, surveys and a stakeholder panel to generate a list of material issues. Stakeholders then rank these according to priority. Through this, we gain greater understanding about the key issues they expect us to report on, and valuable insight to inform our business decision making. One of the key outputs of our engagement with stakeholders is our materiality matrix, available on page 17 of the  2017-18 CR Report (PDF 4.85MB)


Our CR key performance indicators (KPI)

Our KPI table on pages 14-15 of the  2017-18 CR Report (PDF 4.85MB) sets out performance against the corporate responsibility-related key performance indicators (KPIs) in our Corporate Balanced Scorecard (a full list of our CBS KPIs is available on pages 18-19 of the 2017–18 Annual Report and Financial Statements). It also includes a number of additional KPIs that are essential for the successful delivery of our business strategy and CBS indicators. These additional KPIs include, for example, aims around accident rates; diversity and inclusion; and community investment.



We have policies that relate to a range of CR issues, including our Business Standards, Equality & Fairness, Bullying & Harassment and Anti-Bribery policies. Our policies are available here.