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  • Royal Mail
    9 October 2017
    Royal Mail will lodge High Court injunction application

Royal Mail wrote to CWU invoking the legally-binding external mediation process under the dispute resolution procedures in the Agenda for Growth. The Company requested that CWU withdraw its notification of industrial action by 12 noon today, Monday 9 October, and commit to following the dispute resolution procedures.

CWU has declined to withdraw its notification. As a result, Royal Mail will today lodge an application with the High Court for an injunction to prevent industrial action so that the contractual external mediation process can be followed. A date for a hearing will be arranged with the High Court.

As previously stated, we believe any strike action before the dispute resolution procedures have been followed would be unlawful strike action. Royal Mail notes that, in a ballot in 2014 on all the provisions of the Agenda for Growth agreement including the dispute resolution procedures, 94.5% of CWU members that cast their votes voted Yes.


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